SOFINS 2023: Summary of Day 1 Special Forces Seminar and Exhibition Bordeaux France

Day 1 at SOFINS 2023, or the Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar, is a unique event held in Bordeaux, France that focuses on the technologies and innovations designed for special operations forces. The exhibition showcases advanced equipment, techniques, and services tailored to meet the specific needs of special forces units from different countries.
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The SOFINS (Special Operations Forces Innovations Network Seminar) is a biennial exhibition and conference held in France that brings together special forces units, defense industry partners, and innovative technology providers from around the world. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Summary of SOFINS 2023 Video Report Day 1

00:00 INTRO
00:15 SOFINS 2023 overview
00:40 Pilgrim Technology from France has developed ground and aerial drones that can work and move in closed and narrow spaces.
03:58 French company Technamm presents its full range of Special Forces vehicles and unveils its new Fennecc 2 light fast attack vehicle
07:16 Crosscall from France presents its ful range of ultra-durable and waterproof smartphones and tablets
09:35 Milanion NTGS presents its Alakran mobile mortar system mounted on an all-terrain vehicle
11:57 OUTRO