BM-21B BelGrad-2 MLRS tests by Belarus army nearly complete

In Belarus, tests of a new multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) BM-21B "BelGrad-2" are nearing completion, as reported by the press service of JSC "2566 plant for the repair of electronic weapons", echoed by Novosti. Tests of the prototype MLRS started on June 1 and will last until the 18th. A decision is foreseen to put this MLRS into service with the Belarusian army.
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BM-21B "BelGrad-2" MLRS tested in Belarus (Picture source

The new MLRS BM-21B "BelGrad-2" is the second modernization of the Soviet-era MLRS BM-21 Grad. The first modernization took place back in the 1990s. It consisted of changing the chassis: the Russian Ural was replaced by the Belarusian MAZ.

The second upgrade began in May 2020 and went deeper. A leveling and stabilization mechanism has been developed for the new MLRS, enabling to take a firing position on any terrain. A new set of communication and data transmission devices has been installed. The increased length of the chassis made it possible to install racks between the cab and the launcher part to accommodate 40 or 60 rockets.

The MLRS can fire both single shots and salvos of all types of rockets developed for the BM-21. The firing range is 35 - 40 km. The operation of the system is carried out from either the cab or a portable control panel.

The new MLRS was showcased at MILEX 2021, the defense exhibition that recently took place in Minsk.