Zoo intelligence system enters service in artillery of Russian Eastern Military District

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the modernized "Zoo" artillery reconnaissance system, capable of detecting missile launches at a distance of 40 km, entered the artillery unit of the Eastern Military District (BBO).
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The "Zoo" artillery reconnaissance system is mounted on an MT-LB tractor (Picture source: Russian MoD)

The modernized Zoo enhances the combat capabilities of the compound, in particular, in counter-battery combat (artillery duels), when it is necessary to determine the coordinates of the firing positions of a conditional enemy as soon as possible and destroy them. Also, the system will allow with high accuracy to adjust the fire on the explosions of the shells of their artillery systems.

The Zoo system allows to simultaneously detect up to 70 different artillery positions of the enemy and give out their coordinates within the first 20 seconds after the volley. It is able to track enemy unmanned aerial vehicles, determine their coordinates, followed by data transfer to control points. The system is mounted on an MT-LBU tractor.