HISAR-A+ short range air defense missile passes last acceptance test

The Turkish Defence Industries Secretariat, SSB, announced on December 16 that HISAR-A Plus Air Defence System has passed its final acceptance test which will pave the way for its deployment with the Turkish Army.
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HISAR-A+ short-range air defense missile final acceptance fire (Picture source: screenshot from SSB video)

The HİSAR (Fortress) is a family of short-range to long-range surface-to-air missile systems developed by ASELSAN and ROKETSAN since 2007. It consists of the HİSAR-A low altitude air defense system, HİSAR-O medium range air defence system and HİSAR-U (renamed as Siper) long range air defence system.

The Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System project includes development and production of two types of ground system: an armored wheeled vehicle carrying the air defense missile system, and the missile itself.

The Air defense missile system mounted on an armored vehicle will be fully autonomous by means of 3D radar, Electro-Optic system, command control and fire control. Another version on wheeled vehicle shall be a missile launcher connected to a Fire Control Unit for fire and command control functions.