UK and Germany to jointly develop advanced armor-piercing ammunition for tanks

Germany and the United Kingdom have announced plans to jointly develop advanced armor-piercing tank ammunition for Challenger 3 and Leopard 2 tanks. UK National Armaments Director, Andy Start, and his German counterpart, Vice Admiral Carsten Stawitzki, signed a Statement of Intent to collaborate on the Enhanced Kinetic Energy (EKE) round at the Honourable Artillery Company in London. The EKE round will provide a significant improvement in the Army's ability to defeat evolving enemy threats.
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UK and Germany to jointly develop advanced armor-piercing ammunition for Challenger 3 and Leopard 2 tanks. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The next phase of the project, the "qualification" process, will ensure the new ammunition meets all legal and regulatory standards. The joint program is expected to be launched this year, with the EKE ammunition intended for use in the UK's Challenger 3 Main Battle Tank and the German Leopard 2 tank.

The partnership aims to ensure a sustainable industrial capacity for both countries, supporting job creation and economic growth. The standardized ammunition will not only enhance battlefield collaboration with NATO allies but also hold export potential for UK and German defense industry partners.

The EKE rounds will be fired from the L55A1 turret on Challenger 3 and Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks, bolstering interoperability with NATO allies. The agreement follows the UK and Germany's announcement to gift a squadron of their respective Main Battle Tanks to support Ukraine in its efforts against Russia's illegal invasion.

Under the terms of the agreement, the UK and Germany will remain open to additional nations joining the cooperation or becoming export recipients, and continue discussions on potential collaboration for other types of 120mm tank ammunition.

The collaboration between the UK and Germany highlights their close alliance and ongoing work on key defense initiatives, including joint air policing missions in Estonia and land forces with the Joint Amphibious Battalion.

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Rheinmetall is one of the world's leading suppliers of large-caliber weapons and ammunition. The company's globally acclaimed smoothbore L44 and L55 tank guns combine tremendous firepower with a high first-round hit probability, even when the tank is on the move. (Picture source Wikimedia)

Enhanced Kinetic Energy (EKE) is a term used to describe advanced armor-piercing tank ammunition designed to provide superior performance against modern and evolving threats on the battlefield. EKE rounds typically utilize increased kinetic energy to penetrate heavily armored targets more effectively than conventional ammunition.

One of the key capabilities of Enhanced Kinetic Energy rounds is their improved penetration. EKE rounds have greater penetration capabilities than traditional armor-piercing rounds due to their increased kinetic energy. This enables them to defeat advanced armor systems and heavily fortified targets more effectively.

EKE rounds also feature a higher muzzle velocity, which translates to a flatter trajectory, reduced flight time, and increased accuracy at long ranges. The combination of increased penetration and higher muzzle velocity results in greater lethality against armored targets. This ensures that EKE rounds can effectively neutralize enemy tanks and other armored vehicles on the battlefield.

Advanced materials and design are often incorporated into EKE rounds to optimize their performance. These innovations may include advanced alloys, composite materials, or specialized penetrators designed to improve armor-piercing capabilities.

Another significant advantage of EKE rounds is their potential for interoperability and standardization. By developing EKE rounds for use in multiple tank platforms, such as the UK's Challenger 3 and Germany's Leopard 2 tanks, NATO allies can enhance their interoperability on the battlefield and streamline logistics. This allows for more effective cooperation during joint operations.

In summary, Enhanced Kinetic Energy rounds provide significant improvements in terms of penetration, lethality, and accuracy compared to conventional tank ammunition. This advanced technology enables tanks equipped with EKE rounds to effectively counter modern armored threats, ensuring a decisive advantage on the battlefield.