Ukrainian troops being trained by British instructors in UK and Poland

As reported by Matthew Loh in Business Insider, dozens of Ukrainian soldiers are being trained in the UK, where they will be taught to use armored vehicles donated by the British government, said UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson: "I can say that we are currently training Ukrainians in Poland in the use of anti-aircraft defence, and actually in the UK in the use of armored vehicles", Johnson said while on his trip to India, The Guardian reported on April 21.
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CVR(T) Spartan APC (Picture source: Army Recognition)

According to The Guardian, the UK has pledged to ship 120 armored patrol vehicles to Ukraine, 80 of which are personnel transport vehicles such as the Mastiff and the Wolfhound. The other 40 vehicles are CVR(T) Spartan for combat reconnaissance, CVR(T) Samaritan ambulances, CVR(T) Sultan command vehicles, and CVR(T) Samson armoured recovery vehicles. The training provided by British instructors is necessary, as the Ukrainian users have never used nor maintained these vehicles.

The Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked), abbreviated CVR(T), is a family of armoured fighting vehicles (AFV)s in service with the British Army and others throughout the world. They are small, highly mobile, air-transportable armoured vehicles designed to replace the Alvis Saladin armoured car. Designed by Alvis in the 1960s, the CVR(T) family includes Scorpion (76mm gun) and Scimitar (37mm automatic gun) light reconnaissance tanks, Spartan armoured personnel carriers (APC)s, Sultan command and control vehicles, Samaritan armoured ambulances, Striker anti-tank guided missile vehicles, and Samson armoured recovery vehicle. All members of the CVR(T) family were designed to share common automotive components and suspension; aluminium armour was selected to keep the weight down. 1996, more than 3,500 had been built for British Army use and export.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
CVR(T) Sultan command vehicle (Picture source: Wikipedia)