Czech Republic started delivery of 2S1 122mm self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine

According to information published by the Czech website "Echo24" on April 22, 2022, the Czech Republic started the delivery of 2S1 122mm tracked self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine.
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The 2S1 122mm self-propelled howitzer was in service with the Czech army. (Picture source Cezch military museum in Rokycany)

Citing information from "Echo24", the 2S1 122 howitzers would come from a Czech private company that bought the howitzers which were in service in the past with the Czech armed forces. The shipment of these artillery systems would have been confirmed by the Czech company but the Czech government did not want to comment on this transfer of artillery vehicles to Ukraine via Poland.

According to the Military Balance 2021, the Ukrainian army has a total of 292 S1 122mm howitzers. In fact, the use of the 2S1s sent by the Czech Republic could be quickly integrated into the Ukrainian military inventory and deployed for combat operations without any specific training.

On April 8, the Czech government confirmed the sending of main battle tanks, MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems), howitzers, and infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine among military shipments that have reached hundreds of millions of dollars. The Czech government has also announced that it will continue to support Ukraine with new military aid including weapons and combat vehicles.

The 2S1 nicknamed Gvozdika is Soviet-made 122mm self-propelled howitzer based on a tracked armored chassis whose development began in the year 1967. The first four prototypes of the 2S1 were completed in the second half of 1969 and it was accepted for service with the Russian army in September 1970.

The 2S1 is based on an all-welded steel hull and turret mounted on a tracked chassis. The vehicle is divided into three compartments with the driver seated at the front on the left, the engine behind the driver, and the turret at the rear. It has a crew of 6 including a driver, commander, gunner, loader, and two in ammunition carrier vehicle. 

The 2S1 is armed with a modified version of the 2A31 cannon which is also fitted to the D-30 towed howitzer. A total of 40 rounds are carried, usually 35 HE-FRAG and 5 HEAT. The main gun has a maximum firing range of 15.2 km using HE-FRAG (High Explosive Fragmentation) projectiles.