RV Connex of Thailand has developed RVE-1 EOD robot

The Thai Company RV Connex presents technology of remote-controlled EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) robot with its RVE-1 at the Defense and Security Thailand 2017 exhibition in Bangkok. The Company has 25 years experience in the defense industry providing latest innovations and technologies in the field of defense, security and aerospace.

RVE 1 EOD robot RV Connex Defense and Security Thailand 2017 in Bangkok 925 001
RV Connex presents its EOD robot RVE-1 EOD robot at Defense and Security Thailand 2017 exhibition in Bangkok.

Exceptionally adaptable, user-friendly and versatile, the Remote-controlled Vehicle for EOD (RVE-1) utilizes the latest technology in supporting EOD technicians in successfully achieving their mission objectives in a safe and efficient manner.

In the rather demanding and ever-changing climate surrounding the challenge of bomb disposal, the RVE-1 is equipped with all of the necessary capabilities to successfully eliminate threats and disable or detonate a charge or from a safe distance.

Moreover, the RVE-1 is able to handle a vast range of surveillance/reconnaissance and hazardous missions by allowing operators to enter inaccessible and/or potentially lethal areas at low risk. It is remarkably mobile, fast to deploy and fully amphibious - and in all, a highly flexible modular multi-mission tool capable of adapting to the many possible field scenarios and tactical demands it may face.

The system is fined with a configurable joystick controller with selectable OCS control modes for the user's convenience.

The OCS software is designed specifically for the Toughbook's touch screen, with a user-friendly interface for maximum operational effectiveness.

The platform is optimized for high mobility in extreme terrains, and is incredibly lightweight and high performance for its size, making it suitable for various types of missions.

The system uses high-bandwidth IP-Based wireless communication, providing near real-time video feedback, reporting and controls to make faster decisions and actions in order to accomplish the mission.

The exchangeable robotic arm can reach its full length of 1 meter The end of the arm consists of a powerful gripper and exchangeable sensors and devices, which makes the arm extremely versatile.