DEFEA 2021: Konstrukta Defence from Slovakia unveils its UNIKAR.01 4x4 sanitary vehicle

Slovak company Konstrukta Defence unveils its latest generation of sanitary vehicle UNIKAR.01 during DEFEA 2021, the International Defense Exhibition that was held in Greece from 13 to 15 July 2021.

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UNIKAR-01 sanitary vehicle was unveiled at DEFEA 2021, Internationa Defense Exhibition in Greece. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Konstrukta Defence is a Slovak research and development company that hires a team of project-oriented engineers dealing with design, development, system integration and certification of land and air defense weapon systems, ammunition, command and fire control systems, electronic systems and other special modified bodies, wheeled and tracked chassis of army vehicles.

At DEFEA 2021, Konstrukta Defence has unveiled the UNIKAR-01, a sanitary vehicle based on the Unimog U-4023 4x4 light tactical truck. The vehicle is fitted with proven medical equipment that can be used on the battlefield.

The design of the vehicle consists of a crew cabin at the front with three seats and a container mounted a the rear of the chassis that can accommodate a medical team of three people. The medical container unit has the capacity to carry four stretchers as well as three seating patients.

The vehicle is fitted with a KHAKI coating according to STANAG 7094 and AECIP-300 that provides climatic and corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and chemical agents.

The UNIKAR.01 is based on the Unimog U-4023 designed and manufactured by the German company Mercedes-Benz. The vehicle is powered by an OM 934 LA coupled to a UG 100/8 transmission. It can reach a maximum road speed of 90 km. The vehicle has a maximum weight of 10,300 kg.

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