Kalashnikov tests Arctic Nanuk outfit for commandos

The Kalashnikov Concern continues to test Nanuk outfit for commandos who operate in low-temperature conditions. The trials are proceeding in Khanty-Mansi, Yamalo-Nenets and Taimyr regions, Kalashnikov Media said. "All prototypes of the main outfit elements proved 80 percent effectiveness in the Extreme North. We shall consider all proposals to determine the optimal composition and materials of the outfit. The Kalashnikov Concern is ready to offer its experience in ensuring security of military and civilian facilities in the Arctic," company CEO Vladimir Dmitriyev said.

Kalashnikov tests Arctic Nanuk outfit for commandos
Nanuk comprises over 40 items designed to enable Russian commandos to operate in the Arctic region (Picture source: Kalashnikov Media)

Nanuk comprises over 40 items, including Nanuk suit, a snow vehicle, 3 in1 sleeping system, an Arctic tent, transportation containers for medical and communications equipment, food, etc. It was created with the participation of the Defense Ministry and the Northern Assault Association for the Arctic buildup. All elements were tested by Kalashnikov experts and the military during an Arctic expedition in March 2018 to Yamal and Taimyr Peninsulas. The temperature during tests fell to minus 47 degrees Centigrade, the wind was 25 m/sec and humidity reached 100 percent.

Russian president Vladimir Putin stated several years ago , “Over decades, step by step, Russia has built up, strengthened its positions in the Arctic, and our goal is not only to regain them, but also to qualitatively strengthen them.” And Russia has, in fact, heavily bolstered its Arctic presence in the recent years. There are forty Russian Icebreakers operating in the Arctic, supported by six Russian military bases equipped with several S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. And the deployment of Tor-M2DT systems is following.

According to The National Interest, more recently, Russia’s Ministry of Defense committed to a new wave of investment into its Arctic ground presence with an updated snowmobile and infantry arctic warfare kits. The snowmobile, currently unnamed, is being developed in Tatarstan by the defense manufacturer “Kom.” According to Kom’s Director Vasiliy Mankovskiy , “we have made a prototype batch of two units. We hope to enter into serial production next year.” The snowmobile is slated to come in two variants . The first is a traditional light vehicle designed for extreme low-temperature conditions in the northernmost reaches of the Arctic. The other is an amphibious snowmobile; that is, it fulfills all the functions of a regular snowmobile but can also convert into a light water vehicle.

While the entire project costs 250 million rubles or $4.2 million, individual production costs will likely not be finalized until the snowmobile comes further along in its development cycle. Also unknown is the price difference between the standard snowmobile and its amphibious variant. This latest snowmobile is not to be confused with Russia’s Pecheneg Machine Gun-equipped Berkut , which does not boast amphibious features. Kom’s snowmobile is unlikely to feature any armaments, suggesting a light-reconnaissance role.

Also this month, Russian gun manufacturer Kalashnikov unveiled its “Arctic warfare equipments sets” for soldiers deployed in extreme low-temperature, high-wind conditions. The initial batch consists of 200 units, and includes Kalashnikov’s “Nanuk” snow suit, sleeping bag, a “transport container” for medicine and food, food rations and forty other items undisclosed as of the time of writing. The set was displayed at Russia’s “Army 2018” defense expo.