Orbital ATK Unveils its Stryker-based Counter-UAS System

At AUSA 2017, Orbital ATK unveiled a counter-UAS system for Stryker vehicles. The system is designed to detect, identify, and defeat small UAS via non-lethal electronic attack and via lethal defeat with 30mm airburst and guided ammunition.

Orbital ATK Counter UAS Stryker Orbital ATK’s Stryker-Based Counter-UAS system

Orbital ATK’s Counter-UAS system combines electronic-scanning radar target detection, electro-optical (EO) tracking/classification and directional RF inhibition capability coupled with Orbital ATK’s 30mm cannon and advanced ammunition suite.

Combat proven smart-sensor system and effector package capable of detecting, tracking, classifying, and defeating small UAS with non-lethal electronic attack. System has been deployed in wide area or urban operational environments.

Orbital ATK and Liteyehave teamed to provide an Electronic Attack (EA) package which is fielded today and defeating small UAS. This package easily integrates and mounts onto any combat vehicle equipped with Orbital ATK’s line of 30mm cannons and advanced ammunition. Delivers a full spectrum, lethal and non-lethal Counter UAS system capability with combat proven components.