Ongoing trials of Serbian Pasars-16 Terminator air defense system

The Serbian ministry of Defense has released photos showing the new Pasars-16 short range air defence system, code-named “Terminator”, operated during a live fire exercise of the 98th Air Brigade of the Serbian Air Force and Air Defense.

Ongoing trials of Serbian Pasars 16 Terminator air defense system
PASARS-16 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The ministry told that the new Pasars-16 Terminator short range air defense system takes part to military exercises of the 98th Air Brigade of the Serbian Air Force and Air Defense at the Pasuljanske Livade training range. According to the statement, the upgraded variant of the new Pasars-16 Terminator successfully conducted initial firing trials.

The first example of the Pasars-16 is fitted with Bofors 40mm automatic cannon. It is based on a 6×6 FAP 2026 military truck chassis with an armored cabin. Two operators control the cannon and, in optional, the launch of the two surface-to-air missile RLN-1C missiles. The system has an effective range of 4.000m for the guns, 12.000 for the missiles, both to hit air and ground targets.