Bogdan Corporation delivers new batch of 6x6 trucks to Ukrainian army

Bogdan Corporation has supplied the Ukrainian army with a new batch of Bogdan 6317 multi-purpose 6x6 trucks with a carrying capacity of 11 tonnes.

Bogdan Corporation delivers new batch of 6x6 trucks to Ukrainian army
Bodgan 6317 multipurpose truck (Picture source:

According to a report on the website of the corporation and relayed by the Kyiv Post, the plans to supply multi-purpose heavy vehicles by the Ukrainian manufacturer in 2018 are estimated at over 200 units. According to the report, new Bogdan 6317 is intended to gradually replace Soviet-era Ural-375, Ural-4320, ZIL-131 and military modifications of Kamaz, which are produced on the territory of the aggressor country.

The 6x6 Bogdan 6317 truck is equipped with a six-cylinder, 9.7-liter Weichai Power diesel engine developing 380 hp. The truck is capable of speeding up to 85 km/h with a cargo carrying capacity of 11 tonnes and has a driving distance of 1,447 km. It can carry 50 people in the equipped body, tow transport trailers by roads of all categories with a hard and a ground covering, and also in off-road conditions.

The new modification of the vehicles was successfully tested by the Ministry of Defense, during which it confirmed the technical level required to fulfill the tasks set by the customer and recommended for operation in the Armed Forces in a special period, the press service said.

Bogdan Corporation was established in February 2005 with the aim of implementing investment projects intending to create the capacities in Ukraine for the production of all types of vehicles. The corporation built automobile plants in Cherkasy with a capacity of 120,000-150,000 cars, and in Lutsk with a capacity of 6,000 buses and trolleybuses a year. Under the new conditions, Bogdan Corporation also promotes special vehicles, including sanitary, auto equipment for military customers to the market.