Armenia to boost air defense system

Boosting Armenia’s air defense system is a current priority in upgrading and recalibration of Armenia’s defense capabilities, said Defense Minister Davit Tonoyan during a lecture he delivered at the Defense Ministry on Tuesday in preparation for the 2018 Shant Strategic Military Exercises.

Armenia to boost air defense system
Armenia will boost namely its Pechora air defense system (Picture source: Alert 5)

Tonoyan said that obtaining multifunctional aviation capabilities as part of the military’s ongoing efforts to modernize its equipment and strengthen the armed forces was a priority for the military and the defense ministry. “Until now the Armenian armed forces have relied expressly on ground forces. The times, however, have changed. The mobility necessary for the Armed Forces requires the presence of fighter-bombers and other air capabilities,” added the minister.

Tonoyan reported that, due to efforts launched in the second half of 2016 and throughout 2017, the front lines have been equipped with cameras and surveillance devices, which have greatly reduced the enemy’s chances to conduct sudden sabotage operations. The announced hardware upgrades, coupled with changes in combat duty operations and tasks, will provide a stronger degree of confidence for Armenian soldiers to thwart attacks and other subversive operations.

“Our goal is to significantly reduce the duration of the soldier’s exposure to enemy fire, increase the degree of protection and resistance, which will allow more opportunities to prevent and impede attacks,” said Tonoyan. “Horizontal communication, without bureaucratic obstacles, should become a norm, not an exception. We will eliminate the artificial barriers that hinder or seriously undermine some efforts and encourage mutual cooperation,” added Tonoyan who emphasized the need for constant education and learning as the best way to improve and strengthen the Armed Forces.