Army-2021: SPC Solutions has developed Leshiy 4x4 multirole amphibious vehicle

At Army-2021, International Defense Exhibition in Moscow, Russia, the Russian company SPC Solutions presents a new multi-role amphibious transport vehicle called Leshiy.

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Leshly multirole amphibious vehicle at Army-2021, International Defense Exhibition near Moscow, Russia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Leshiy vehicle has been developed to perform a wide range of missions, especially in all-terrain conditions. It is designed to conduct border control, firefighting missions, or to rescue people in a flood area.

The design of the Leshiy vehicle looks like a tactical vehicle but it is designed to be used as an amphibious cargo platform. It is based on four-wheel-drive chassis and powered by a 2.8 l Diesel engine developing 150 hp. A Water jet is mounted at the rear of the hull offering the vehicle to cross water obstacles at a speed of 12 km/h. The vehicle can run at a maximum road speed of 100 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 900 km.

The crew of the Leshiy is located at the front of the hull, with large windows offering 180° awareness. The cargo or personnel compartment is located at the rear and is able to accommodate up to 8 people with an internal volume of 15m³. The vehicle has a total weight of 5,500 kg with a maximum payload capacity of 2,500 kg.