Army 2019: Kalashnikov unveils SV-18 12.7mm light sniper rifle

In its own permanent pavilion at the Patriot Park where Armya-2019 Forum takes place, Kalashnikov unveils its news light sniper rifle proposed in both the Russian and NATO heavy caliber, which means 12.7 x 108 mm or 12.7 x 99 mm.

Army 2019 Kalashnikov unveils SV 18 12.7mm light sniper rifle
Kalashnikov SV-18 sniper rifle unveiled at Army 2019 Forum (Picture source: Army Recognition)

As explained by Vladimir Onokoy, technical adviser at Kalashnikov Media, the famous Russian manufacturer wanted to design a sniper rifle in 12.7mm caliber (.50 inch) that would be easier to carry and operate than all the other existing rifles of that family. Hence a unique two-stack loader designed to make it shorter and so facilitate the operation of the weapon for a sniper really sticking to the ground. The bolt action system has been kept. Special attention has been brought to make the rifle as light as possible, which led to equipping the barrel with a big nozzle brake to compensate the recoil. To get a more detailed description of the weapon made by Vladimir Onokoy, watch the video shot by the Army Recognition team that will appear in the forthcoming days on our Defense Web TV broadcasted on Youtube.

The weapon must yet undergo various tests before being proposed for sale to both the Russian army and other potential customers.

Army 2019 Kalashnikov unveils SV 18 12.7mm light sniper rifle 2
Vladimir Onokoy, Technical Adviser for Kalashnikov Media, explains the SV-18 sniper rifle to Army Recognition and its Defense Web TV (Picture source: Army Recognition)


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