Arms and Security 2017: New Snipex 14.5 mm sniper rifle unveiled by Xado

Besides its .50 and 12.7 caliber sniper rifles, the Ukrainian small arms manufacturer Xado is also showcasing a 14.5 mm precision rifle. This 14.5x114 caliber semi-automatic rifle was designed for long-range target shooting.

Spinex 145 mm 001 
The Snipex 14.5 mm sniper rifle developed by Xado

The Snipex 14.5 mm is a semi-automatic large-caliber precision rifle. Its main function is long distance anti-material firing.

It features a bullpup design, the action being located behind the trigger. A tight barrel locking is achieved through a rotating bolt.

During loading, the cartridge is placed into magazine opening by open breech. Schneller-type trigger system makes sight shooting easier. The rifle is fitted with a folding bipods and an additional support under the buttstock.

The rifle's total length is 1,870 mm, while the barrel has a length of 1,320 mm. Xado's 14.5 mm sniper rifle has a muzzle velocity of 1,000 m/s and an effective range of up to 5,000 m. It weights 30 kg.

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