Police forces of UAE use smart helmet technology in the fight against the COVID-19

Police forces of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have adopted a smart helmet technology capable of monitoring people who may be infected with COVID19. The smart helmet was unveiled by Dubai's Corporation for Ambulance Services outfitted with cameras that will enable paramedics to check people's body temperature from a safe distance.

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On April 14, 2020, Dubai's Corporation for Ambulance Services has unveiled the smart helmet outfitted with cameras that will enable paramedics to check people's body temperature from a safe distance. (Picture source RT Ruptly footage)

Police teams and security forces of the United Arab Emirates are using the helmet to diagnose people from a safe distance, enabling them to handle crowds, obtain vital readings, and analyze data.

According to an interview of Brigadier Obaid Al Hathboor, Director of Transportation Security at Dubai Police, published on the GulfNews website, on April 13, 2020, the helmet is fitted with smart technology and screen able to perform thermal screening on people on the street or to public transportation without any contact.

Two cameras are mounted on the helmet that features infrared thermal imaging enables wearers to measure efficiency up to 13 people's temperatures at any one time, with up to 200 individuals being scanned per minute. . The helmet makes an alert sound and issue warnings, according to the condition of the person scanned.

The helmet is able to scan people in a few seconds providing the temperature of the people and Artificial Intelligence helps in face recognition and identifying cars plate numbers. It is part of the department strategy of the UAE to secure the transportation sector to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Smart Helmet was developed by the Chinese Company KC Wearable, a leading smart wearable technology and innovation company. The KC helmet is designed to be used everywhere – from hospitals and airports to parks and pubs.

The KC Wearable Smart Helmet's flexibility and adaptability are key markers that differentiate it from more traditional infrared thermal imagers. This means, the helmet can be worn by the user or fixed on a tripod, as well as being usable day or night. Results can be tracked and illustrated on a screen in real-time, and also shared on an individual basis with those being scanned.

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