Chinese army PLA inducts more combat UGVs

More UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) are entering the arsenal of the Chinese army (PLA). The latest additions are a small model fitted with a 7.62mm machine gun, and a bigger crane-like missile-loading robot, Liu Xuanzun reports on Global Times.

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This UGV armed with a 7.62mm machine gun is the last addition to the Chinese army's arsenal (Picture source: screenshot from China Central Television)

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) operates now small ground robots (UGVs) that can cross difficult terrains, accurately observe battlefield situations and provide ferocious firepower, the PLA Eastern Theater Command said on Sina Weibo last 13 April when reposting a China Central Television (CCTV) report on the robot. This UGV is equipped with a 7.62mm machine gun, and observation and detection equipment including night vision devices. Target practice results showed the robot has acceptable accuracy. It is not autonomous: it still requires human control. New combat UGVs joining the Chinese army become the norm, CCTV said.

The PLA Rocket Force is receiving a large, crane-like robot that can be used in lifting and loading missiles onto transporter erector launchers, enabling more missiles to be launched from the same launcher within short intervals, CCTV reported on Sunday, April 12. A conventional crane is less steady and requires human assistance when loading missiles, but the robot solves this problem, CCTV reported.