Russia tests the AGS-40 Balkan 40mm automatic grenade launcher in operational situation TASS 82004172

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Russia tests the AGS-40 Balkan 40mm automatic grenade launcher in operational situation
The Russian-made Balkan 40mm automatic grenade launcher is currently undergoing operational evaluation, General Designer of Russia’s Pribor Company Oleg Chizhevsky said. The Pribor Company is a subsidiary of Russia’s Tekhmash Group.
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"Weapons such as automatic grenade launchers should undergo operational evaluation. A certain number of Balkan automatic grenade launchers have been manufactured and they are currently undergoing operational evaluation," Chizhevsky said. It was reported earlier that the 40mm Balkan automatic grenade launcher would be put into operation in 2017. Its state trials were completed last year.

According to the official technical specifications issued by the Pribor center, the Balkan automatic grenade launcher fires 40 mm 7P39 caseless high-explosive (HE) grenades. It has a combat weight of 46 kg (including a body of 32 kg and a drum box magazine of 14 kg), a firing rate of 400 rds/min, a magazine capacity of 20 grenades,a firing range of 2,500 m - about 500-600 m over its Western analogues, and a guaranteed service life of no less than 4,000 shots. Balkan is equipped with a PAG-17 2.7x optical sight that can be replaced by a night vision device. The 40 mm grenade used by Balkan is reported to be 30% more effective than the 30 mm VOG-17 munition of the AGS-17 Plamya AGL.
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