US Army fired Hellfire missile from the IFPC Multi-Mission Launcher 40704161

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US Army fired Hellfire missile from the IFPC Multi-Mission Launcher
The US Army has successfully tested at the end of March its new Multi-Mission Launcher at White Sands Missile Range, in New Mexico. The system is designed to defeat UAVs, cruise missiles, rockets, artillery and mortars. The firing was part of the Engineering Demonstration of the Indirect Fire Protection Capability Increment 2-Intercept (IFPC Inc 2-I).
US Army fired Hellfire missile from the IFPC Multi Mission Launcher
An AIM-9X missile fired from the MML during the recent tests (Photo: US Army)

Having already fired a Stinger and an AIM-9X missile the engineers also used a Longbow Hellfire. The operation was coordinated from the Engagement Operations Center, with data provided from Sentinel radar. The test proved the Multi-Mission Launcher’s capability to use a variety of existing interceptor missiles to defeat targets depending on the nature of the threat. Upcoming fire tests will verify the capability to use other types of interceptors as well.

The recent series of tests have also proved the capability of the existing interceptors missiles to be used in scenarios different than those that were initially designed. The latest scenario verified Longbow Hellfire’s capability to destroy UAV targets, although it is designated as an air-to-ground anti-tank missile.

The launcher is integrated on a medium tactical vehicle. It can fire its interceptors at a 360-degree angle and elevation ranging from 0 to 90 degrees. Every launcher has 15 tubes and each one can fire either one large interceptor or multiple ones of smaller size.

IFPC Inc 2-I is a joint project between the US Army Program Executive Office for Missiles and Space’s Cruise Missile Defense Systems Project Office, and the Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center. Apart from bringing together more than 150 experts, the Multi-Mission Product Team has been coordinating more than 85 industry partners in the design and production phases.