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Bulgaria to deploy more troops at its borders
Bulgaria will deploy additional troops at its borders in order to tackle the illegal migration and refugee crisis. The Defence Minister, Nikolay Nenchev has announced on 11 April the deployment of 300 additional soldiers, during his speech at a ceremony marking the start of a joint exercise with the US Army at Novo Selo training area.
Bulgaria to deploy more troops at its borders
Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov (left) and Defence Minister (Nikolay Nenchev)
during their arrival at the Novo Selo training area (Photo: Bulgarian MOD)

The soldiers will operate alongside the Border Police, after the ratification of the decision from the Parliament. In order to ensure a smooth cooperation between the Ministries of Defence and Interior, a series of exercises had taken place in the recent past.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, who also attended the ceremony, mentioned that every night 90 to 100 refugees and illegal immigrants are detained at the area bordering with Serbia. The decision to tighten the controls at the borders is complemented by the construction of a security fence between Bulgaria and Turkey.

Moreover, the Bulgarian Navy and Police have carried out an exercise in the Black Sea area adjacent to Turkey, as Sofia considers highly possible that the smugglers will try to carry refugees and illegal immigrants from the sea.

The Defence Minister has also announced that the Bulgarian Army will carry out exercises with the Hellenic Army. On 7 April, Nikolay Nenchev was hosted by the Greek Defence Minister, Panos Kammenos. The two ministers agreed to conduct a series of military exercises and exchange personnel, as well as implement a common military planning which includes the exchange of information, common border security initiatives and the development of new technologies in the fields of cyberwarfare, satellite imagery, electro-optics and UAVs.