Bolivia to purchase 40,000 last generation assault rifles 2804154

Defence & Security News - Bolivia
Bolivia to purchase 40,000 last generation assault rifles
Bolivia wants to buy 40,000 assault rifles to modernize in fantry units. Since 1979, soldiers's rifles have never been renewed. A quarter of the 40,000 new weapons will be placed in reserve while the rest will go the infantry units.
Bolivia to purchase 40,000 last generation assault riflesBolivian soldier with a SIG 542 7.62mm assault rifle
Defense analyst Samuel Montaño said a rifle of the latest generation costs about $ 1,000 (€ 919)per unit, including delivery. "That would mean an investment of US $40 million. And, to continue working with the FAL rifles, you have to buy a similar caliber," he said. But the Bolivian army is about 34,000 men strong. 40,000 rifles are enough to replace the weapon of each soldier so there is no specific needs to keep the caliber of the previous FAL rifles. Furthermore, 7.62mm rounds can stil be used with others weapons like MAG machine guns.

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