AirShow China 2018: New Jonyang JY816-RF all-terrain vehicle

At Airshow China 2018, the Chinese tracked vehicle manufacturer Jonyang unveiled the JY816-RF, a new armoured, articulated vehicle designed to provide total operational support where other vehicles cannot.

New Jonyang JY816 RF all terrain vehicle unveiled at AirshowChina 2018 925 001
New Chinese-made Jonyang JY816-RF all-terrain vehicle at AirShow China 2018, Zhuhai. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The JY816-RF design is similar to the BAE Hägglunds'BvS 10 Viking All Terrain Armoured Vehicle. It also on consists of two tracked vehicle units linked by a steering mechanism. The vehicle is declined in three variants: cargo, troop transport and command post. The fully laden weight is 16t but the JY816-RF maintains good mobility on soft terrain such as snow, mud or sand because the 24.7 kpa ground pressure is minimised by the even load distribution over the four tracks.

The JY816-RF achieves a maximum highway speed of over 60km/h. The range on roads is 500km.The vehicle is fully amphibious, being able to swim in deeper water with a maximum speed of 5km/h.

With a high payload capacity of up to six tonnes and a troop transport of 4 + 8 soldiers, the JY816-RF is well placed to meet any future requirements. Self-defense capability can be added through a roof-mounted remote control weapon station.

Guizhou Jonyang Kinetics Co., Ltd. (Jonyang Kinetics) is a joint venture established in late 2005 by Guizhou Guiyang Industrial Investment Holding Company and Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd. Its main business includes design, manufacture and distribution of tracked hydraulic excavators ranged from 3.5 to 70 tons and wheeled hydraulic excavators ranged from 6 to 30 tons, as well as customized variations of excavator products and special vehicles.