ADEX 2017: ROK Marine Corps Showcasing Bigung for the 1st Time

At ADEX 2017, the International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition currently held in Seoul, South Korea, Republic of Korea Marine Corps is showcasing the Bigung system for the very first time.

LIG Nex1 Bigung ADEX 2017 1Bigung system of the ROK Marine Corps fitted with K-LOGIR 2.75 Inch guided rockets at ADEX 2017

Bigung is essentially a mobile coastal defense system. Its surface warfare capability is directed at countering Fast Inshore Attack Craft (FIAC), landing craft and landing vehicles of the DPRK (North Korea).

The vehicle is fitted with a 36-round launcher (2x containers with 18 rockets each) mounted at the rear of a 6x6 chassis. The rockets it fires are the 70-mm light-guided guided missile (LOGIR), a joint US-South Korean development. The LOGIR missile (the South Korean version is designated K-LOGIR) was developed by the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR) and by the South Korean company LIG Nex1 based on the well-known Hydra 70-mm unguided rocket, but it is equipped with the so-called Low-Cost Imaging Terminal Seeker (LCITS), created under the auspices of ONR, using imaging infra-red (IIR) imaging technology, with an additional low-cost inertial correction unit. Thus, the LOGIR is a "fire and forget"  rocket. The LOGIR missile is designed to defeat predominantly small-scale and high-speed surface targets - apparently, because of the limited cost requirements of the LCITS GOS, its use for less-contrast ground targets will not be effective enough.

LIG Nex1 Bigung ADEX 2017 2Detailed view of the launcher

According to a LIG Nex1 brochure, the rocket has a weight below 17.5 kg and a length of 1.9 m. The proclaimed range is "more than 8 km". TADS(Target Acquisition & Designation System) acquires target data in all light conditions. Fire & Forget with Inertial Navigation Guidance and IIR Seeker Terminal Guidance. Fire control system is operable for multi-targets.


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