ADEX 2017: Hyundai Rotem Unveils 8X8 WAV Ambulance Variant

At ADEX 2017, the International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition currently held in Seoul, South Korea, local company Hyundai Rotem is showcasing for the first time its 8x8 Wheeled Armored Vehicle (WAV) in ambulance variant.

Hyundai Motors 8x8 WAV Ambulance South Korea ADEX 2017 news 1

In its baseline configuration, the 8x8 Wheeled Armored Vehicle is an infantry combat vehicle that is fitted with a 420 ps diesel engine developed by Hyundai Motors, 7-speed transmission and 2-mode secondary transmission. Capable of moving on both land and water, it has been engineered to maximize crew operability with its ergonomic design and scalability to family vehicles. The Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) placed an order for 500 units (designated K808 in ROKA service), with the first ones set to be delivered in November.

Hyundai Motors 8x8 WAV Ambulance South Korea ADEX 2017 news 2

The ambulance variant is a Hyundai Rotem self funded development. It can carry four critically wounded soldiers on stretchers or up to eight less severly injured. The crew consists of three people: the commander, the driver and a medic. In this configuration, the vehicle weights less than 20 tons. No order from ROKA has been placed yet, but the company is hopeful to receive an order next year.

Existing ROKA variants of the K808 include the baseline wheeled armored vehicle, a commander's vehicle variant and  an anti-air gun vehicle variant (with the same turret as the Biho by Anwha). Hyundai Rotem is also marketing a mortar carrier variant and an anti tank variant (medium range infantry missile) with Raybolt missiles.