AAD 2018: GENESIS and the The Ballistic Vest Level lll

GENESIS PROTECTION SERVICES is a specialist in personal protection providing highly skilled and experienced Close Protection Officers (CPOs) and top quality protection equipment.

GENESIS and the The Ballistic Vest Level lll
GENESIS and the The Ballistic Vest Level lll at AAD 2018 (Picture source Army Recognition)

Their CPOs are well trained, accredited and experienced in providing advanced security services and first aid in line with local and international standards while adapting to our clients unique requirements and personal needs.

Although many of our CPOs have extensive military, security or law enforcement experience there is a focus on continuous training and skills development across a broad scope of health, safety and security elements in order to always provide the best service available in the industry.

The objective of providing a ‘Close Protection Service’ is to provide peace of mind to their clients by implementing suitable risk mitigation strategies and well organised security measures to protect them from health and safety threats.

The Genesis approach is to ensure that the security measures are appropriate with the threat assessment while minimising disruption to thier clients in terms of their daily lives.

The work commences with evaluating the possible threats, assessing the daily routines of the client and ensuring that the necessary personnel, equipment, technology and security strategies are implemented.

Typical risks include kidnap, assassination, robbery or exposure to criminal or dangerous environments.

At AAD 2018 we talked about a service from their wide range: The Ballistic Vest Level lll

Flexible Overt Protection

The Overt Genesis Armour Guard vest provides front and back protection.
Ability to increase the protection through add-on kevlar or ballistic armour
inserts. The vest combines high protection at low weight and excellent torso
coverage with civil military and law enforcement application

Standard Features

• Adjustment straps on shoulders and sides provide a firm and comfortable
fit with Velcro closure
• Easy-care, dry-cleanable Cordura outershell
• Removable ballistic panels
• Low weight (2.45 kg), High Grade, military spec, steel with proprietary
protective coating that eliminates spalling.


• Adjustable sizes
• High grade 1000 Denier fabric
• Side protection with the option of additional ballistic inserts.
• Molle vest attachments and various pouches including: pistol, magazine
pouches, AR/AK/LM magazine pouches (single, double & triple), torch,
utility, handcuff and medical.