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L&T secures contract for construction of Fleet Support Ships for Indian Navy.

According to a PR published by Larsen & Toubro on July 9, 2024, Precision Engineering & Systems division has secured a significant contract for the partial construction of two Fleet Support Ships (FSS) from Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL), with the Indian Navy as the end user. This development is part of a broader initiative following the Indian Navy's contract with HSL in August 2023 for the design and construction of five FSS.
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Signature of the contract between the Indian Navy and the company. (Picture source: Indian government)

Fleet Support Ships are crucial for providing logistics and material support to naval task forces at sea. These vessels, measuring over 220 meters in length and with a displacement of approximately 45,000 tonnes, will be among the largest in the Indian Naval Fleet.

In alignment with the Government of India's "Aatmanirbhar Bharat" vision, these pioneering vessels will be constructed domestically, with HSL and L&T shipyards working concurrently to meet demanding delivery schedules. This collaboration in shipbuilding aims to rapidly enhance the Indian Naval Fleet while fostering economic growth and technological advancement in India's maritime sector.

Since receiving its first defense shipbuilding order in March 2010, L&T has designed, constructed, and delivered over 70 defense vessels, demonstrating its 'Make in India' capabilities.

Fleet Support Ships

These ships provide essential logistical support, delivering fuel, ammunition, food, spare parts, and other supplies directly to combat ships at sea. This capability allows naval vessels to remain operational for extended periods without the need to return to port, effectively extending their operational range and endurance. They support multiple vessels simultaneously. 

In addition to combat operations, FSS are valuable in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions, providing essential supplies and support to affected areas. This demonstrates the navy's capability to respond effectively in times of crisis, extending their utility beyond purely military applications.

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