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  • Zoopark-1M 1L260

    16 May 2024
    The Scorpion is an armored personnel carrier in the category of MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) designed and manufactured by the Company Str...
  • Zoopark-1 1L219

    16 May 2024
    The 1L219 also nicknamed Zoopark-1 is a Russian artillery counter-battery radar system, designed to detect and track enemy artillery and rocket lau...
  • 30N6E2

    21 February 2024
    30N6E2 Tomb Stone Illumination and guidance radar for SA-20 Gargoyle a The illumination and guidance ra...
  • 30N6

    21 February 2024
    The 5N63S (later 30N6E) or NATO code name "Flap Lid B" is an engagement/fire control radar for the S-300PMU1 air defense missile system.
  • Grond Master GM 400 3D Radar

    14 February 2024
    Ground Master GM 400 Thales 3D air defense radar a The Ground Master GM 400 is a mobile radar system devel...
  • AMX-13 radar

    19 January 2024
    AMX-13 blindé avec radar champ de bataille a Une version de l'AMX-13 VCI sur lequel on a monté un radar ...
  • Repeynik radar

    12 November 2023
    Repeynik radar in English Burdock is a cutting-edge surveillance system designed for the detection and tracking of ultra-small objects such as UAVs...
  • SPEXER 2000 3D MkIII radar

    10 June 2022
    One of the things the current conflicts have taught us is that the military hardware we are used to, especially ground-based machines like tanks an...
  • AN/TPQ-36

    07 May 2022
    AN/TPQ-36 Counter artillery radar Firefinder Weapon Locating System   The AN/TPQ-36 is a mobile radar system develop...
  • Skyguard fire control radar

    30 January 2022
    Skyguard all-weather fire-control radar system a The Skyguard all-weather fire-control radar was originall...
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