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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is participating at Euronaval 2016.

| 2016
EURONAVAL 2016 Online Show Daily - Rafael Advanced Systems
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is participating at Euronaval 2016
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is participating at Euronaval 2016, Paris, France. Rafael is displaying an array of advanced naval systems and a comprehensive, integrated suite of ship defense systems for detection, tracking, interception and neutralization of a variety of threats.
Rafael 002
The Rafael Typhoon MLS ER Missile System - Naval Remote Weapon Station (Photo NavyRecognition)
The light-weight, stabilized system can be installed on a variety of platforms, ranging from Rigid Hull Inflated Boats (RHIBs) to larger boats and ships. Spike ER is an electro-optically guided multipurpose missile for ranges of up to 8km with pinpoint accuracy.

Typhoon MLS-ER features day and night operation and includes Fire-and-Forget, as well as Fire-and-Observe and Update modes of operation. This enables the gunner to switch between targets after launch, avoid friendly fire, conduct surveillance/damage assessment and attack hidden targets. Additionally, the Typhoon MLS-ER features a Fire and Steer mode, in which the gunner can launch the missile without pre-locking onto the target and manually steer it to the target.

Typhoon MLS-ER includes day and night surveillance and tracking cameras for independent weapon system operation.
Rafael 001The Rafael C-Dome – Active Air Defense for ships (Photo NavyRecognition)
Rafael's C-DOME is designed to effectively protect combat vessels against a large set of modern threats. C-Dome handles saturation attacks by engaging multiple targets simultaneously. Reaction time is very short and enables automatic and semi-automatic engagements. C-Dome components include a multi-round launcher assembly loaded with vertically-launched canisterised interceptors. The launcher is installed under the ship deck.

C-Dome utilizes the ship’s own surveillance radar and does not require a dedicated Fire Control Radar. Weapon System Command and Control is seamlessly integrated with the ship’s combat management system, facilitating system operation.

C-Dome uses the combat-proven Iron Dome interceptor that has already achieved more than 1200 successful interceptions.

Interceptors are maintenance-free, and are stored in a sea-proof canister. Up to 10 interceptors can be loaded into a modular Vertical Launcher Unit.

Interceptors are vertically launched with unrestricted 360° azimuth coverage. The highly advanced warhead ensures high kill probability against a wide range of targets. The C-Dome interceptor is extremely agile and with a high rate-of-turn enabling intercepting of even the most maneuverable targets. Its state-of-the-art proximity fuze maximizes lethality and its powerful warhead ensures target destruction.

C-Dome has a small footprint and can be integrated on small ships, including OPVs and small Corvettes. Rafael's new defense system has numerous benefits, such as high firepower, unrestricted 360° circular coverage, operation in both blue and littoral water, simultaneous engagements of multiple targets, commonality with the combat-proven Iron Dome system, etc.



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