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FSD Ferretti Security and Defence exhibits at Euronaval 2016.

| 2016
EURONAVAL 2016 Online Show Daily - Ferretti Security and Defence
FSD Ferretti Security and Defence exhibits at Euronaval 2016
FSD Ferretti Security and Defence, Ferretti Group’s division dedicated to the security and defence sector, participates at Euronaval 2016 in Paris (17-21 October), which is one of the most important fairs worldwide covering the latter sector.
Ferretti 640 001
The FSD195 Fast Patrol Vessel is one of the fastest boat of its category with a maximum speed of 54 knots (Photo NavyRecognition)
In this occasion, FSD presents its first model launched this summer, a Fast Patrol Vessel named FSD195 that is 20 meters long, with a range of over 500 miles and an average speed of over 50 knots.

FSD195 has demonstrated significant reliability and seakeeping immediately after its launch, while sailing from the 23rd until the 30th of August from Cattolica to La Spezia, covering 1,100 miles in total operating efficiency despite frequent severe weather and sea conditions.

"Euronaval is a major international opportunity to present the FSD division along with its Fast Patrol Vessel FSD195, a boat with high-performance features that the entire Ferretti Group and its Partners are known for in the complex and selective sector of naval security and defence of local and international waters.
Ferretti 640 002The other platform in the development phase is the FSD 350. Its length is 35,4 meters, it can reach the speed of 45 knots and can host 20 service persons besides the crew of 4 persons. The vessel can also bring 2 Rigid Inflatable Boats. (Photo NavyRecognition)
Euronaval 2016 allows us to illustrate to a highly specialized audience both FSD195 and our range of new boats in the development phase that are characterized by cutting-edge technology that differentiates Ferretti Security & Defence and makes its products particularly competitive.

"FSD’s product portfolio has been designed with the aim of responding with excellence to the operational needs of those who are in charge of the difficult and important task of ensuring safety at sea, which is a priority of all countries of the world, " commented the Mr. Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group.

Ferretti Group exhibits at Euronaval its Ferretti Security and Defence division - FSD -, presented to the media in February 2016. The new division is the result of an investment of the Group in order to diversify its business activities in the yachting industry. Thus, Ferretti Group has decided to give birth to FSD that meets the growing demand for innovative vessels equipped with advanced performance and technological systems, designed to satisfy all security and defence necessities in every operating scenario.
Ferretti 640 003The FSD195 Fast Patrol Vessel can be an asset for Navies and Coast Guards to fight against terrorism, drug and people smuggling (Photo Ferretti Security and Defense)




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