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Euronaval 2016: GEIM demonstrates its LDI non-lethal laser rifle.

| 2016
EURONAVAL 2016 Online Show Daily - Press Release
Euronaval 2016: GEIM demonstrates its LDI non-lethal laser rifle
At Euronaval 2016, the Brittany-based SME company GEIM is showcasing for the first time its innovative Laser for Deterrence and Interception non-lethal rifle, or LDI. This high power non lethal laser has been specifically designed for deterrence and interception of potential threats.
Euronaval 2016 GEIM demonstrates its LDI non lethal laser rifle 640 001GEIM's LDI non-lethal laser rifle at Euronaval 2016
LDI laser incorporates the latest GEIM technologies for beam shaping which gives to the LDI its innovative character, in terms of power and efficiency. The latest generation lens guarantee a strong resistance to maritime and military environmental constraints.

Through the high level of technology and the overall control of the product, GEIM is able to produce an innovative deterrent and interception laser. The LDI integrate three active eye safe security devices (compliant to CE and EN60825.1).

The LDI is a completely self contained high power green laser device which provides the longest range (>500m) non-lethal deterrence of any technology available.

The LDI is autonomous with integrated batteries, allowing up to 180 minutes of operational time. Picatinny rails allow the use of multiple aiming scopes for different operating conditions

The LDI, which features the most powerful laser on the market (6000mW), is designed for a wide range of missions: military, maritime and port security, law enforcement, protection of oil & gas facilities, airport bird hazard, safety of commercial and cruise ships.



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