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AM General from US Delivers Hawkeye Mobile 105mm Howitzer to Ukraine for Combat Testing.

During the Fires Symposium held earlier this May 2024, Mike Evans, Program Director at AM General, announced a significant deployment of military technology to Ukraine. According to Evans, AM General recently shipped a Hawkeye Mobile 105 Howitzer System to Ukraine in April. Following the shipment, the system underwent two weeks of training.
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Hawkeye 105mm Mobile Weapon System while crew rest from conducting drills 23 July, 2019 assigned to a test Platoon of 2nd Battalion, 122 Field Artillery, Illinois Army National Guard. (Picture source: U.S. DoD)

"We recently put a Hawkeye Mobile 105 Howitzer System into Ukraine," Evans stated in the recorded video. "We shipped it in April and trained it for two weeks. That system will be one of the first soft recoil systems in combat. It's going into combat to test on live targets."

The Hawkeye Mobile 105 Howitzer System is an innovative artillery platform designed to enhance the mobility and effectiveness of field artillery units. Developed by AM General in collaboration with Mandus Group, this system integrates a 105mm howitzer onto a light tactical vehicle, providing a highly mobile and versatile artillery solution.

AM General, a well-known manufacturer of military vehicles, developed the Hawkeye system to address the need for a more agile and rapidly deployable artillery system. The Hawkeye system leverages the proven M1152A1w/B2 HMMWV chassis, ensuring compatibility with existing logistics and maintenance infrastructure within armed forces. Using the HMMWV platform allows the Hawkeye to be easily transported by various means, including airlift, enhancing its strategic and tactical deployment capabilities.

The development of the Hawkeye Mobile 105 Howitzer System focuses on providing artillery units with a lightweight, highly mobile, and quickly deployable howitzer. Its design incorporates advanced recoil management technology, allowing the powerful 105mm howitzer to be mounted on a relatively light vehicle without compromising stability or accuracy. This enables rapid repositioning and shoot-and-scoot tactics, reducing the system's vulnerability to counter-battery fire.

When it comes to combat capabilities, the Hawkeye system is a force to be reckoned with. Designed for both direct and indirect fire support roles, it offers a high rate of fire and can deliver accurate fire over considerable distances, making it a reliable choice for a wide range of combat scenarios. Its exceptional mobility allows it to support fast-moving units and respond quickly to changing battlefield conditions, instilling a sense of confidence in its versatility. Additionally, the Hawkeye can operate in diverse terrains, including rough and undeveloped areas, thanks to the off-road capabilities of the HMMWV chassis.

The Hawkeye's 105mm gun offers advanced recoil management and fires rounds up to 11,500 meters, ensuring powerful and accurate artillery support. (Picture source U.S. DoD)

The main features of the Hawkeye Mobile 105 Howitzer System include its mobility, advanced recoil management, rapid deployment capability, firepower, versatility, and ease of integration. The system's mobility is derived from its mounting on a highly mobile HMMWV platform, providing excellent off-road capability and rapid deployment. Advanced recoil management technology enables the 105mm howitzer to be fired from a light vehicle without compromising accuracy or stability. The lightweight and compact design of the system allows for air transportability, facilitating quick strategic and tactical deployments.

The 105mm howitzer provides effective direct and indirect fire support with a high rate of fire and accurate targeting. The system can be employed in various combat roles, from traditional artillery support to rapid reaction force applications. Utilization of the HMMWV chassis ensures compatibility with existing military logistics and maintenance frameworks.

The main gun of the Hawkeye system is a 105mm howitzer, known for its balance of firepower and portability. This gun can fire a variety of ammunition types, including high-explosive, smoke, illumination, and anti-personnel rounds, providing versatility in addressing different battlefield threats. The firing range of the 105mm howitzer typically extends up to 11,500 meters (7.1 miles) with standard ammunition, and can reach even greater distances with rocket-assisted projectiles. This capability allows the Hawkeye system to effectively engage targets at significant ranges, providing vital fire support to frontline units.

Overall, the Hawkeye Mobile 105 Howitzer System represents a significant advancement in artillery technology. It combines firepower, mobility, and rapid deployability to meet the dynamic needs of modern military operations.

This strategic move highlights the commitment of the United States to support Ukraine with advanced military technology. The real-world testing in Ukraine will provide essential data on the system's performance, influencing future military development and procurement. The deployment of the Hawkeye system could shift the dynamics of the conflict, offering a tactical advantage to Ukrainian forces.

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