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IndoDefence 2018: EXPAL presents EIMOS mortar system for the 1st time in APAC.

| 2018

EXPAL brings to the South East Asia Pacific region its integrated mortar system EIMOS, designed to increase accuracy, reliability and survivability of Armed Forces’ operations in the battlefield. The company is showing the latest revision of the EIMOS onboard mortar system in its stand at Indo Defence 2018 exhibition in Jakarta.

IndoDefence 2018 EXPAL presents EIMOS mortar system for the 1st time in APAC
EIMOS integrated mortar system on Expal stand at IndoDefence 2018 (Picture source Army Recognition)

EXPAL's EIMOS system, which has been in service since 2015, is the natural evolution of the conventional 81/60 mm mortar system. This mobility solution for mortar units integrates a 81 mm mortar (interchangeable with 60 mm) on a high mobility 4x4 vehicle, improving accuracy and reliability. This solution integrates also EXPAL’s TECHFIRE fire support information system, acting as a ballistic calculator, automatic aiming and firing system, as well as command and control system. All these functionalities let units quickly share targets, fire orders, impact adjustments among others. SHEPHERD-MIL, a mini UAV, completes EIMOS solution acting as an unmanned forward observer for the onboard mortar system and fully integrated into TECHFIRE.

A very quick time of deployment (less than 20 seconds), automatic aiming and firing with high accuracy, high effective hydro-pneumatic recoil absorption, fast fire rate, “shoot & scoot” capability and share of vital battlefield information, reflects the pursuing of troops survivality for different kind of missions.

The EIMOS system is part of EXPAL's one-stop shop solution, covering all lifecycle needs in indirect fire support missions in infantry operations, from ammunition and systems design and production to ammunition demilitarization.



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