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DX Korea 2018: BA Solutions Drone Sniper AEGIS-DS rifle rail mounting UAV jammer.

| 2018

At DX Korea 2018, defense exhibition in Seoul, the South Korean Company BA Solutions showcases its drone sniper AEGIS-DS that can be easily attached to a standard assault as a grenade launcher. According to the manufacturer, it’s the world’s first rifle rail mounting drone jammer.

BA Solutions Drone Sniper AEGIS DS rifle rail mounting UAV jammer 925 001
Drone sniper AEGIS-DS at the booth of BA Solutions during DX Korea 2018, defense exhibition in South Korea.  September 2018. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Drone Sniper (AEGIS-DS) is a portable jammer that can be easily mounted on a gun Picatinny rails, aiming at the drone and neutralizing them, or shooting them in the aimed state when the drone hover in place. It can be housed inside into a standard backpack, which makes it easily transportable.

The AEGIS-DS is an ideal anti-drone sniper rifle that can be used when UAVs and drones are visually detected using jamming system at a distance from 150 to 300m. The anti-drone rifle is easy to set up and it helps to neutralize threats within seconds. The jamming signal of the AEGIS-DS anti-UAV sniper rifle covers standard drone remote control frequencies, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz. It can also jam Global Satellite Navigation System (GSNS) signal applied by UAVs, which are programmed to reach their destination by autopilot.

The AEGIS-DS uses Barrage Jamming mode, an electronic warfare technique that attempts to blind radar systems by filling the display with noise, rendering the broadcaster's blip invisible on the display, and often those in the nearby area as well. "Barrage" refers to systems that send signals in many bands of frequencies compared to the bandwidth of any single radar. This allows the jammer to jam multiple radars at once, and reduces or eliminates the need for adjustments to respond to any single radar. It use also Spot (DDS) mode to jam the drone, using unique modulation technique based on mixed signal for maximum jamming efficiency. Each module of RCJ HF-VHF-UHF transmits a unique noise signal, which creates a “firewall” between the transmitter and its receiver.

This anti-drone sniper can be used for the protection of critical infrastructure such as airports, government premises, nuclear power plants and so on. It is also an ideal anti-drone weapon for homeland and military security as well as border protection.

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