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Self-propelled howitzers.

Zuzana 2 155mm 52 caliber SPH.

The Zuzana 2 is an upgraded version of the Zuzana 155 mm 45 caliber version of the Dana 152 mm 8x8 self-propelled gun-howitzer designed and manufactured by the Slovak Company Konstrukta – Defence.

Country Users: Slovakia, Ukraine


The Zuzana 2 is an upgraded version of the Zuzana 155 mm 45 caliber version of the Dana 152 mm 8x8 self-propelled gun-howitzer designed and manufactured by the Slovak Company Konstrukta – Defence. The Zuzana 2 is armed with a new 155m 52 caliber gun. It has new firing capabilities allowing multiple round simultaneous impact (MRSI) operations. The Zuzana 2 was shown for the first time to the public in May 2013 at the IDET defense exhibition in the Czech Republic and in May 2014, at the IDEB defense exhibition in Bratislava, Slovakia. In December 2018, the Slovak government has approved the purchase of 25 Zuzana 2 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers developed by the Company by KONŠTRUKTA-Defence and produced by ZTS – ŠPECIÁL, for a total amount of €175 million. In July 2021, the Slovak Ministry of Defense released a statement to announce the delivery of the first eight Zuzana 155mm howitzers to the Army of Slovakia. In June 2022, Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Naď confirmed that Slovakia will deliver 8 Zuzana 2 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine. On August 13, 2022, the Slovakia Ministry of Defense confirmed the delivery of four Zuzana 2 155mm howitzers to Ukraine. On September 18, 2022, a video was released on Twitter showing Zuzana 2 howitzers used by the Ukrainian armed forces. On October 2, 2022, "The Local Denmark " website announced that Germany, Denmark, and Norway will supply Ukraine with 16 Zuzana 2 8x8 self-propelled howitzers. Germany, Denmark, and Norway had agreed to jointly finance the procurement of the Slovak-made Zuzana-2 artillery systems. On November 18, 2022, Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic, Jaro Nad, announced the deliver of the 7th Slovak-made Zuzana 2 8x8 155mm self-propelled howitzer to Ukraine.

Zuzana 2 howitzer variants:

No variants at this time. 

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Technical Data

  • Armament

    The main armament of the Zuzana 8x8 wheeled self-propelled howitzer consists of one 155mm/52 caliber gun. This artillery vehicle is fitted with an automatic loading system that enables a maximum firing range in automatic mode of 5 rounds per minute or 5 rounds in one minute. It also has the capacity to fire 2 rounds per minute in manual mode. It carries a total of 40 projectiles and charges. Of the 40 charges carried, 30 are in the automatic magazine and 10 in the fixed magazine. Ammunition handling is fully automatic with ramming and loading of projectiles and charges. It has a minimum firing range of 5 km and a maximum firing of 41.5 km with ERFB-BB (Extended Range Full Bore – Base Bleed propellant), extended-range artillery ammunition. Four smoke grenade dischargers are mounted on each side at the front of the turret. It can fire all standard NATO 155mm ammunition and features both direct and indirect firing capabilities. The turret has a traverse of 360°, but only 60° to fire, with weapon elevation from -3.3 to +70°. the second armament of the Zuzana 2 includes one 12.7mm heavy machine gun mounted to the right side of the turret roof. In the firing position, the vehicle is stabilized by three hydraulic jacks. These are lowered on the ground, one at the rear and on either side between the second and third axles. 
    Zuzana 2 155mm 8x8 wheeled self propelled howitzer Slovakia army details 925 001
    A 12.7mm machine gun is mounted on the top right side of the turret.

  • Design and protection

    The design of the Zuzana 2 8x8 wheeled 155mm self-propelled howitzer is very unique, the artillery weapon system is mounted in a fully enclosed turret mounted on a TATRA 815 8×8 truck chassis with the driver's compartment at the front and the engine compartment at the rear. The front and the side of the drive position are fitted with small bulletproof windows that can be protected with one shutter, vision to the front then being maintained through two vision blocks. There is one small hatch on the right side of the driver position and one circular firing port is provided on each side of the driver compartment. The turret is in two parts with the 152 mm ordnance being mounted in the aisle between them. Each half of the turret is fully enclosed and is provided with access doors, roof hatches, and vision devices. The hull and the turret provide protection against the firing of small arms of 12.7mm caliber and artillery shell splinters. The Zuzana 2 has a crew of four including the driver, commander, gunner, and loader.
    Zuzana 2 155mm 8x8 wheeled self propelled howitzer Slovakia army details 925 002
    Front view of the Zuzana 2 with the driver position 

  • Mobility

    The Zuzana 2 8x8 wheeled 155mm self-propelled howitzer is based on 8x8 truck chassis developed by the Czech company Tatra. The vehicle is motorized with a TATRA T-3B-928.70 8 cylinders in V turbocharged diesel engine, developing 442 hp coupled to a TATRA gearbox TATRA 10 TS 180. The Zuzana 2 can run at a maximum speed of 80 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 600 km. The Zuzana 2 can cross a vertical obstacle of 0.6 m and a trench of 2 m. It can negotiate a grade of 60% and is capable of fording a maximum depth of 1.4 m.

  • Combat Equipment

    Standard equipment of the Zuzana 2 8x8 wheeled 155mm self-propelled howitzer includes an NRBC protection system, air conditioning system, a computerized fire-control system, a land navigation system, and sight with automatic leveling. It also features an onboard Fire Control System (FCS) to enable easy operation with digital maps. It provides target accuracy and computes firing data during loading and firing. It is installed with an inertial navigation system (INS), a muzzle velocity radar, and electronic equipment for providing target information. The vehicle is also fitted with a central tire inflation system..

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  • Armament

    One 155mm/52 caliber gun

  • Country users

    Slovakia, Ukraine

  • Designer Country


  • Combat Equipment

    Computerized fire control system, NBC protection system, air conditioning system and land navigation system.

  • Crew


  • Armor

    Protection against the firing of small arms and artillery shell splinters.

  • Weight Vehicle

    32,400 kg

  • Speed Vehicle

    80 km/h road speed

  • Range Vehicle

    600 km

  • Dimensions Vehicle

    Length: 14.02 m; Width: 3.02 m; Height: 3.52 m

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