Indian army to buy IAI Heron TP armed drones from Israel

The Indian Army is all set to acquire Heron TP drones from Israel. An India-Israel defence deal worth $ 400 million was agreed upon in the annual working joint group discussion between India and Israel. India will acquire 10 Heron TP armed drones from Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI). This deal between India and Israel was lingering on for three years.

Indian army to buy IAI Heron TP Male armed drones from Israel
IAI Heron TP UAV (Picture source: Wikipedia)

This $ 400 million deal will be completed under ‘Project Cheetah.’ After getting Heron armed drones from Israel, the Indian Army will be capable of hitting targets, across various terrains. The Indian Army as of now uses drones only for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Now with the induction of armed drones from Israel, Indian Army will also be equipped to eliminate targets using advanced heron drones. This could help India significantly in destroying various terror launchpads near the Line of Control. These armed drones from Israel will multiply the force of the Indian armed forces.

Only a few nations, for now, use armed drones which include the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Israel etc. Now after the induction of these armed drones, India too would be a part of the “elite club”. Additionally, in the meeting held on 10 July, the deal pertaining to Spike anti-tank guided missile systems for the Indian Army was also discussed. The Indian Army is facing a shortage of such advanced missile systems.