Armscor targeting ASEAN markets with ammunitions

With its lower cost ammunitions than its Western counterparts, Armscor Global Defence is targeting the South-East Asian market rather than the Western one which, in its own words, is already locked in favor of national manufacturers.

ARMSCOR Enforce TAC 925 001
The M1911A1 "Lego Colt", a nickname given by a visitor because of the camouflage

Without retracing the well-known company’s history since 1905, let’s recall that, in 2011, the big news was Armscor’s opening of a brand new ammunition production facility in Stevensville, Montana. Rock Island Armory also became the official firearm brand of Armscor worldwide. The company opened a new firearm manufacturing facility in Pahrump, Nevada, in 2016. With this addition, Armscor now manufactures firearms and ammunitions in the US, as well as in the Philippines. Concerning some weapons, the company is more and more shifting from steel to aluminum wherever possible or commercially recommended.

At Enforce TAC, a company representative explained that they are targeting South-East Asian nations rather than the Western ones, both for weapons and ammos.

An additional production is the links to make the rounds adapted to machineguns.

In the Philippines, each force wants as much as possible all its equipment – up to its weapons – in its own camouflage. Hence a trial made by Armscor with a cal. .45 M1911A1 pistol in a camouflage paint that led a visitor call it a “Lego Colt”. The attached picture supports this funny nickname. The technique used to apply the camo paint on the weapon makes it really resistant, even for a military use.