New Nokian MPT Agile 2, a Finnish offroad tire for versatile use

Defense and peacekeeping applications, rescue vehicles and off-road trucks put special demands on tires. Both on and off the road and at any speed, the tire must be highly maneuverable, offer good grip and definitely not fail you at the critical moment. Nokian MPT Agile 2 is the new version of the already field-proven Nokian MPT Agile, offering several improvements over the original.

New Nokian MPT Agile 2 a Finnish off road tire for versatile use
“The key for a good off-road vehicle tire is versatility”, says Teppo Siltanen, Product Manager at Nokian Heavy Tyres (Picture source: Nokian)

The collaboration between Nokian Tyres and the Finnish Defense Forces in designing high mobility all-terrain tires goes back several decades. The Nordic conditions provide plenty of challenges for tires – ranging from snow and ice to mud, sharp rocks and other obstacles. Now, a new generation off-road tire was needed, and Nokian Tyres started designing a completely new tire.

“The key for a good off-road vehicle tire is versatility”, says Teppo Siltanen, Product Manager at Nokian Heavy Tyres. “The tire has to work on roads as well as on soft terrain – or anywhere the job at hand takes you.” As the name implies, another design driver of the new Nokian MPT Agile 2 was maneuverability. Not only military applications but for example firefighting and other rescue operations require precise steering at sometimes high speeds.

The most significant change is the symmetrical tread pattern which performs equally well regardless of the tires' rotational direction. But the more modern design also results in improved vertical and lateral grip on soft surfaces, better self-cleaning properties as well as more winter grip. Also, the sidewalls now have a camouflage pattern.

“The new design has larger footprint than the previous version, resulting in better flotation and smaller surface pressure – all desirable qualities on a soft terrain”, says Siltanen. “There is also less heat build-up improving the tire operating life.” An important aspect for extreme winter conditions is the ability to use studs. Nokian MPT Agile 2 comes with pre-marked stud locations for both military and civilian use.