Czech army to receive 80 CBRN armored vehicles

The Military Research Institute (VVVU), a Czech state-owned firm, will supply 80 special CBRN armored vehicles to the army, said on Thursday Jana Zechmeisterova from the Defence Ministry press section. They are designed for military chemists to detect radioactive, chemical and biological substances, as well as take and process samples and send the information found to the command.

Czech army to receive 80 CBRN armored vehicles 2
S-LOV-CBRN armored vehicle and trailer (Picture source:

The contract was signed by Deputy Defense Minister Daniel Kostoval, heading the armament and acquisition section, and VVU director Pavel Cuda on Thursday. The Defense Ministry will pay 5.111 billion crowns (231.5 million US dollars) for the vehicles which will be delivered from 2020 to 2022.

The 31st regiment of radiation, chemical and biological protection, based in Liberec, will acquire two types of these light armored vehicles: S-LOV-CBRN I and S-LOV-CBRN II. According to Zechmesterova, the institute developed their prototypes in 2014. They were produced on an Iveco chassis.

Compared to the current reconnaissance vehicles, the new types have state-of-the-art equipment and detection devices capable to identify not only combat substances, but also to measure harmful substances from the industry. The new vehicles also provide a better protection for the crew in contaminated areas as the cab can be hermetically sealed. Most measurements are carried out automatically. The crew can also send out a special robot to do the measurements at risk location.