French army accelerates modernization of Land Force

To speed up the renewal and modernization of the Land Force (Armée de Terre), the Military Programming Law LPM 2019-2025 foresees an increase of the orders of armored vehicles and an acceleration of their deliveries.

French army accelerates modernization of Land Force
Leclerc MBT of the 5th Dragoon Regiment at Brétigny on July 12, 2018, for the rehearsal of the 14 July National Day parade (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Following this document, 50 percent of the medium armored vehicles (Griffon, Jaguar, Serval) will be delivered by 2025. The breakdown of the deliveries is as follows:
* Griffon: deliveries started in July 2019. 936 units to be delivered by 2025.
* Serval: deliveries to start in 2022. 489 units to be delivered by 2025.
* Jaguar: deliveries to start in 2020. 150 units to be delivered by 2025.
On top of these vehicles, 122 Leclerc MBTs will be renovated from late 2021 to 2025.

These vehicles are the “tools” of the Scorpion programme. The Scorpion program is designed to renew and modernize the combat capabilities of the Army with modern and interconnected armored vehicles. This programme is made of mainly the following “bricks”:
* the SICS information system intended to provide command and tactical control in collaborative combat (the heart of the "Scorpion revolution");
* 2 multi-role armored vehicles (the Griffon and the Serval) available in several versions and intended to replace the VABs currently in service;
* 1 armored reconnaissance and combat vehicle (the Jaguar), to replace the AMX10RC, the ERC Sagaie armored vehicle, and the VAB HOT;
* the renovation of the Leclerc tank (integration with the Scorpion system, reinforcement of tank protection and increase of offensive capabilities).