New Stryker armored with CROWS-J Javelin missile turret for US troops in Europe

According the ArmyTimes website, the U.S troops deployed in Europe have received new version of the Stryker 8x8 armored vehicle fitted with remotely operated weapon station armed with Javelin anti-tank guided missile launcher. The new vehicles are fitted with the Common Remotely Operated Weapon System-Javelin (CROWS-J).

New Stryker armored with CROWS J Javelin missile turret for US troops in Europe 925 001
A Common Remote Weapons Station mounting a Javelin missile (CROWS-J) from Palehorse Troos during the Infantry Carrier Vehicle Dragoon (ICVD)/Common Remote Weapons Station mounting a Javelin missile (CROWS-J) Operational Test, Hohenfels, Germany. (Picture source US DoD)

In May, 2018, two new Stryker vehicles were tested by the 2nd Cavalry Regiment of U.S. Army in Germany including the Infantry Carrier Vehicle --Dragoon (ICVD) equipped with an unmanned turret housing a 30mm cannon with enhanced optics, and the Common Remotely Operated Weapon System-Javelin (CROWS-J), Infantry and Recon Stryker variants with a mounted Javelin capability.

The FGM-148 Javelin is an American-made man-portable anti-tank guided missile and employable fire-and-forget medium-range missile system. The Javelin system was developed and is built by a joint venture formed by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. It has a maximum firing range of 2,500 m.

The CROWS-Javelin (CROWS-J) is a version of the CROWS II Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS), armed with one FGM-148 Javelin ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) launcher. Second armament includes one 12.7mm heavy machine gun mounted to the left side of the turret. The RCWS is fully stabilized and equipped with optics and fire control system. The CROWS-J weapon station can be operated remaining under the armor protection of the hull.

When discussing the CROWS-J, section sergeants and other junior leaders agreed the capability allowed them to fight the armor fight much more dynamically, allowing for the repositioning of anti-armor capabilities quickly across the battlespace.

In 2015, a plan was approved for the rearmament of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment of the US Army (known as the "dragoons"), based in Vilsek, Germany. The plan provided for equipping 87 Stryker vehicles with new CROWS-J weapon stations.

US troops in Europe have received Stryker 8x8 armored with CROWS J Javelin missile 925 video image 925 002
Video firing test of Stryker 8x8 armored fitted with CROWS-J remotely operated weapon station

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