Turkey successfully tests new anti-tank vehicles

In June 2016, FNSS Savunma Sistemleri has been awarded a contract by the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) to supply 260 antitank vehicles (ATV). Hence the testing of the new Pars 4x4 wheeled and Kaplan tracked ATVs. The contract includes two different vehicles: 76 Pars 4x4 and 184 Kaplan tracked vehicles. These figures include prototypes of each used for qualification tests.

Turkey successfully tests new anti tank vehicles 925 002
Pars 4x4 ATV Anti-Tank Vehicle (Picture source: Army Recognition)

All 260 vehicles will be delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command. the design of the vehicles was approved by the SSM and the Land Forces Command. In addition to the approved design, FNSS also manufactured the first Kaplan ATV prototype, and presented the Remote Controlled Anti-Tank Turret (RCAT), which is at the heart of the vehicle’s primary striking power, to the intended users in order to obtain feedback prior to starting factory tests.

The first prototype of the 4x4 Pars ATV entered the testing phase last May. Serial production of both the wheeled and tracked ATVs should be completed in 2021.

Developed by FNSS to meet the needs of Turkish Land Forces Command, the PARS 4x4 Anti-Tank Vehicle (ATV) makes its first world appearance at Eurosatory 2018, where one of the two prototypes of the vehicle produced for qualification tests is being displayed at the FNSS stand, giving visitors to the event the opportunity to inspect up close a fully mission-equipped vehicle.

Weapon System: The PARS 4x4 is armed with an unmanned, remote-controlled anti-tank turret, also of FNSS design. In addition to ballistic protection, the turret also has two anti-tank missiles and a 7.62 mm machine gun. The turret recently performed its first firing test with the anti-tank missile, during which it successfully hit its target at maximum range.