Sweden and Switzerland, last customers of Strix 120mm mortar munition

The Strix remains the only precision-guided 120mm mortar munition available on the international market. As demand for precision-guided munitions grows worldwide, this projectile could become the industry standard for guided 120mm mortar rounds.

Sweden and Switzerland last customers of Strix 120mm mortar munition
Presentation of the 120mm mortar carriers GRKPBV 90 for the Swedish army. The first vehicles will be delivered in August 2019 and the last ones in October 2020 (Picture source: Swedish MoD)

The primary potential competitors of the Strix are the German 120mm Bussard and the U.S. 120mm XM395 precision-guided mortar munition (PGMM). The Diehl Bussard program was reportedly suspended in the mid-1980s due to lack of funding.

The Orbital ATK XM395 PGMM is currently in its engineering and manufacturing development phase under the U.S. Army's Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative (APMI). Until the XM395 PGMM becomes available on the international market, the Strix will remain in a good position to exploit a near-term advantage in a developing market.

Saab Dynamics clings to expectations of winning additional orders for its Strix. However, until these new orders arrive, production of this round will remain suspended. Potential near-term customers include Finland and Norway, both of which are looking for new 120mm self-propelled mortar systems.