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Raytheon secures $26.2M contract for Evolved SeaSparrow Missile support.

According to information published by the US DoD on June 27, 2024, Raytheon has been awarded a $26,213,906 modification to a previously awarded contract by the Naval Sea Systems Command. This contract modification is aimed at providing continued engineering and technical support for the Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM) and NATO SeaSparrow Missile Systems programs.
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Japanese Akizuki-class destroyer JS Suzutsuki launching ESSM.  (Picture source: JMSDF)

The majority of the contract funding, 99%, is allocated for the U.S. Navy, with the remaining 1% designated for the governments of Japan and Chile through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. Raytheon's involvement in the ESSM and NATO SeaSparrow Missile Systems programs is critical for the development and deployment of these advanced missile systems.

The RIM-7 Sea Sparrow is a short-range, surface-to-air missile designed to defend naval vessels against various aerial threats, including aircraft, helicopters, and anti-ship missiles. Its versatility allows for deployment from both ships and land-based systems, offering flexible defense options.

The RIM-162 ESSM is an advanced version of the Sea Sparrow, providing improved speed, range, and accuracy, making it more effective against fast-moving and maneuvering threats. This missile can engage a wide variety of targets, including high-speed anti-ship missiles, aircraft, and surface threats, thus offering comprehensive protection for naval vessels.

The ESSM's advanced guidance and targeting systems enhance precision and increase the likelihood of successfully intercepting and neutralizing threats. Additionally, the ESSM can be integrated with modern combat systems and sensor networks, improving situational awareness and coordinated defense efforts for Chile's naval fleet.

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