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Indonesian Navy to strengthen Fleet with new LPD and LST ships.

According to information published by Antara on July 2, 2024, the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy, Admiral Muhammad Ali, has unveiled plans to strengthen the Military Sealift Command (Kolinlamil) by adding new Landing Platform Dock (LPD) and Landing Ship Tank (LST) vessels. This announcement was made during the 63rd anniversary celebration of Kolinlamil in Jakarta.
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Indonesian Navy's Makassar-class landing platform dock KRI Makassar. (Picture source: US DoD)

Admiral Ali stated that the expansion of Kolinlamil's fleet is part of the Indonesian Navy's Strategic Plan for 2025-2029 and the Naval Force Development Posture for 2025-2044. The increase in LPDs and LSTs aims to reinforce Kolinlamil and enhance troop transport capabilities.

The new vessels are expected to be constructed domestically, including at PT PAL Indonesia's shipyard in Surabaya, East Java. Admiral Ali explained that the Navy's long-term and medium-term planning focuses on strengthening the transport fleet, with several ships being built locally.

During the same event, Admiral Ali emphasized the importance of strengthening Kolinlamil, noting its dual role in meeting military needs and supporting national development. Development projects across Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke, rely on Kolinlamil's ships for transportation. These vessels move troops and transport logistics when requested by ministries and the public.

Kolinlamil, originally established as the Military Sea Transportation Service on July 1, 1961, operates from its headquarters in Tanjung Priok. As a principal command of the Indonesian Navy, Kolinlamil is responsible for developing military sea transport capabilities and nurturing national sea transport potential for defense purposes.

The command facilitates troop and equipment movements for operations and supports national development transportation needs. Additionally, Kolinlamil plans programs for strengthening its fleet, including warships and support facilities.

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