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U.S. Navy awards General Dynamics repair contract for USS Washington SSN 787 submarine.

| 2019

General Dynamics Corporation 's GD business division, Electric Boat, recently secured a contract worth $15.2 million for planning, material procurement and conducting repair work of USS Washington (SSN 787). The contract was awarded by the Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair, Groton, CT. Work-related to the deal will be carried out in Groton, CT, and is scheduled to be over by December 2019.

U.S. Navy awards General Dynamics repair contract for USS Washington SSN 787 submarine 925 001 The Virginia-class attack submarine SSN 787 Washington. (Picture source U.S. Navy)

In March 2016, the US Navy has released a plan to develop 12 new submarines to carry nuclear ballistic missiles with General Dynamics Corp as prime contractor in collaboration with Huntington Ingalls Industries. The plan, agreed to by both companies, calls for General Dynamics to lead design and delivery of the 12 new Ohio-class replacement submarines, while Huntington Ingalls will work on design and construction of major assemblies and modules.

The USS Washington (SSN-787) is a Virginia-class nuclear-powered attack submarine of the United States Navy. The contract to build her was awarded to Huntington Ingalls Industries in partnership with the Electric Boat division of General Dynamics in Newport News, Virginia, on 22 December 2008. This boat is the fourth of the Block III submarines which will feature a revised bow, including some technology from Ohio-class SSGNs

The U.S. Navy continues to build the next-generation attack submarine, the Virginia (SSN 774) class. More than a dozen Virginias have been commissioned to date, and they will replace Los Angeles Class submarines as they retire. The Virginia class has several innovations that significantly enhance its warfighting capabilities, including in littoral -- or coastal -- operations.

Virginia class SSNs have a fly-by-wire ship control system that provides improved shallow-water ship handling. The class has special features to support SOF, including a reconfigurable torpedo room which can accommodate a large number of SOF and all their equipment for prolonged deployments and future off-board payloads. The class also has a large lock-in/lock-out chamber for divers. In Virginia-class SSNs, traditional periscopes have been supplanted by two photonics masts that host visible and infrared digital cameras atop telescoping arms. With the removal of the barrel periscopes, the ship's control room has been moved down one deck and away from the hull's curvature, affording it more room and an improved layout that provides the commanding officer with enhanced situational awareness.

Additionally, through the extensive use of modular construction, open architecture, and commercial off-the-shelf components, the Virginia class is designed to remain state-of-the-practice for its entire operational life through the rapid introduction of new systems and payloads.

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