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Russian navy Project 20380 corvettes to get new radars.

| 2019

Russian corvettes of project 20380 will get innovative radars which detect both aircraft, anti-ship missiles and small drones. Together with Redut air defense, the radars make the corvettes practically invulnerable for air attacks, the Izvestia daily writes.

Russian navy Project 20380 corvettes to get new radars

The corvette Stoikiy on the Neva river in 2015. The Steregushchiy-class (Russian designation: Project 20380) is the newest class of corvettes being built for the Russian Navy (Picture source: Wikipedia)

The new radars with three stationary slates will be experimentally installed on two corvettes of the project - the Aldar Tsydenzhapov and the Rezky. Both are being built for the Pacific fleet. In case of successful trials, the radars will be installed on subsequent warships of the project, the Navy told the newspaper.

The antenna array of the new radar has three grids mounted on the foremast. The old radars interrupt the image because of rotating receiver-transmitter. The new radar provides an exact and uninterrupted image. It detects and identifies low-flying and small targets at a bigger distance. The new radars will help warships better fight cruise missiles flying at a low altitude to the target.

Project 20380 corvettes are made with stealth technologies and have to operate in brown waters, fight adversary warships and submarines and provide artillery support to seaborne assault. The main weapon is Uran anti-ship missile complex with a range of 260 km. Artillery is represented by a 100mm A-190 gun and two six-barrel 30mm AK-630M guns. The warships are armed with antisubmarine Paket-NK system and Redut air defense. They are equipped with an automatic control system which transmits data from one warship to another in real-time to prudently distribute targets between several corvettes.

The Navy is paying much attention to new technologies. Upgraded Ovod-class small missile ships of project 1234 are receiving passive electronic intelligence stations, the Izvestia said.

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