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Russia to equip 2 frigates with visual-optical blinding stations.

| 2019

Two guided missile frigates of project 22350, the Admiral Gorshkov and the Admiral Kasatonov were equipped with Filin visual-optical blinding stations, Roselectronika Holding said. "Filin station has been installed on the Admiral Gorshkov and the Admiral Kasatonov. Each frigate received two sets of equipment. The same equipment will be installed on two other frigates under the construction at Severnaya verf Shipyard" he said.

Russia to equip 2 frigates with visual optical blinding stations Admiral Gorshkov Class Frigate - Project 22350 (Picture source : Military and Commercial Technology blog)

The stations installed in 2018 can blind visual, optical and electronic surveillance channels at night and aim close combat weapons against warships and navy boats. Light radiation brightness changes temporary disable vision. "Low frequency brightness fluctuations trigger temporary vision disorders by exciting optic nerves," Roselectronika said.

Volunteers who tested Filin said it is impossible to see targets if the equipment is located at a distance of two kilometers. A half of them complained of nausea, dizziness, and disorientation. Another 20 percent said a light spot blinds the eyes.

Filin can be used to suppress night vision sights and infrared laser rangers. "The radiation in the visible and infrared spectrum in combination with high-frequency brightness modulation effectively suppresses night vision sights, infrared laser rangers, and aiming of antitank guided missiles," it said.

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