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Griffin Strike 2019 : Franco-British amphibious maneuver in Scotland.

| 2019

The naval exercise Griffin Strike 19 began its tactical sequence on Monday, October 07, 2019 following the build-up of the force. Until October 18, the joint assets of the French Navy and the Royal Navy, associated with those of the French and British armies and the Royal Air Force, are mobilized off Glasgow. Approximately 2,000 soldiers are training to qualify the Maritime Combined Command (MCC), the Combined Joint Expeditionary Force (CJEF).

Griffin Strike 2019 Franco British amphibious maneuver in Scotland 925 001The French amphibious helicopter carrier Tonnerre (Picture source: French Ministry of Defense)

Under the Lancaster House agreements concluded in 2010, France and the United Kingdom have been working for nearly 10 years to build a capacity allowing French and British forces to deploy, at short notice, a joint allied expeditionary force for initial and non-permanent breach, as well as its binational staff.

In line with the major training sessions that have been held every year since 2010, Griffin Strike 19 contributes to the full operational capability (Full Operational Capability - FOC) of the CJEF scheduled for 2020, ensuring the operational qualification of its maritime component. This Maritime Staff provides the CJEF command with capability options in each battle domain, above, below Ministry of Defense and below the surface.

Demonstrating the level of ambition and the capability range of our two armies, several dozen naval vessels and nearly a thousand personnel will be deployed for this exercise. Fifteen surface ships and three submarines, jointly with land forces (40 soldiers of the Amphibious Deployment Support Group of the 9th Marine Infantry Brigade and one battalion of the 12th Royal Artillery Regiment with 60 soldiers) and Franco-British air assets (about fifteen aircraft) will take part in this activity for over ten days. At sea, on the ground and in the air, they will demonstrate the ability of the maritime component of the CJEF to face the main defence and security challenges of our two European nations.

This force deployed for the exercise took the name of Task Force 315, and its staff is embarked aboard the French amphibious helicopter carrier Tonnerre. Rear Admiral (UK) Burns, assisted by Captain (FR) Janicot, will be in command of the 100-strong Franco-British Staff. The qualification of MCC's operational capability will kick off CJEF's "Road to Full Operational Capability," scheduled for 2020.

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